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Olive Linen Bow Headband Wrap

$15.00 NZD $21.00 NZD

By Snuggle Hunny Kids

Make your baby a mini fashionista with a  Olive Linen Bow Headband Wrap

This would make the perfect gift for a new baby or the expecting mum.

Handmade in Australia

Newborn to toddler size only.

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Washing instructions: Cold gentle machine wash. Do not tumble dry.

Please note the bow comes untied.

HOW TO TIE YOUR BOW HEADBAND:  Wrap the headband around your baby's head, with the ends pointing up. Tie it in a single knot folding the left side over the right, ensuring each length is even. Take the right side and make a loop ensuring the bow end is facing up. Take the left side and wrap around the right bow from behind to around the front tucking back up through the knot pulling the whole length through. Make a loop with the final piece and thread through the back of the bow knot, pulling down so the bow ends are even. Fluff the top and point the ends down. 

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