DJECO | 10 Cubes - Forest
DJECO | 10 Cubes - Forest
DJECO | 10 Cubes - Forest
DJECO | 10 Cubes - Forest
Tiger Tribe

DJECO | 10 Cubes - Forest

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  • Ages: 12 mths +
  • Height of 10 stacked boxes: 86cm
  • Material: Cardboard
  • Box measures: 15 x 15 x 15cm

DJECO | 10 Cubes - Forest

10 Beautifully illustrated stacking boxes for young children.

A set of stacking cubes for young children. Featuring lovely illustrations of Animals of all shapes and sizes,  the 5  sides have different illustrations including Animal mums and babies, and numbers one to ten with number patterning to help children start to count. These cubes can be nested making them easy to store.

From Djeco’s Pre-School Toys collection, this is a great construction toy for children. All of Djeco's products are fun, safe and timeless

Ages: 12 mths +

This is the story of a family business, passed down from mother to son. It is a timeless business, whose maxims are creativity, boldness and passion.


In the Djeco family, honour goes to the mother, Véronique Michel-Dalès. She created her small company in 1954, a time when few women embarked on adventures of this kind.

She devised educational games such as Le loto des quatre jeudis and Ma maison des puces. Djeco’s games are attractive, intelligent and fun at the same time. They have been hugely successful and won four Oscars for toys in the 1960s. The company name is a reference to the gecko, the lucky lizard.