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Wolf & the Wildling



Bear Vest

A Wildling lives for imagination, adventure & the wild. They believe in magic, with the innocence  of a child and the heart of a wolf a Wildling is born.
Before anything can be created it must first be imagined. You only need to look around you for this to be true.
So why do we keep imagination inside a dress up box? Why do we not encourage children daily to feed that imagination? Albert Einstein himself said "Imagination is more important than knowledge" however by adulthood we barely even dream anymore. 
The artist, inventor, actor, activist, free thinker, entrepreneur and scientist all have one thing in common. An active imagination kept from childhood. 
At W&W we actively aim to grow the next generation of Wildlings. 
By carefully blending practical with magical we create pieces that can be worn daily. Items that will be loved by parents and more importantly children. Classical patterns, timeless silhouettes, practical designs with a hint of the wild and a touch of magic.   
Don't keep W&W in a dress up box.
Create a Wildling wardrobe.  Create a Wildling.