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Baby wraps



Looking for the perfect gift for an expectant mother? Or have no clue what to get for the newest baby into your family or circle of friends?

Well, look no further than an organic muslin wrap. Or a super soft jersey wrap.   

I know, I know you're asking me why? 

  • Burping a baby throw a wrap over your shoulder so the little angel doesn't projectile vomit all down your back (you can thank me later)
  • Feeding need to feed baby on the go? but you don't want the whole cafe to see your nips, pull out your trusting wrap tuck it into your bra and place over the baby. Just make sure you have an opening so the little darling can breathe.
  • Pram cover heading out for a walk, but it's a little too bright for the baby? Place wrap over the pram/ capsule and clip down. TA-DA a nice shady cool place for baby to sleep.
  • Nappy changing on the go place muslin down on the surface and it's a safe soft place to change bubs nappy.

So I have listed a few ways that a wrap WILL come in handy.